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Tennessee Titans 2008 NFL Draft Grade
I don't know what the logic of the Tennessee Titans was. They had the pick of the crop at wide receiver in round one and instead went for a sleeper, running back in Chris Johnson. No knock on Johnson but hopefully he turns out to be a weapon for Vince Young because he could surely use a couple. Johnson is extremely fast with good balance; he makes big plays regularly and hopefully his hands hold up catching screens and swing passes out of the backfield from Young.
Tennessee Titans 2007 Draft Recap
The Tennessee Titans had great needs on the offensive side of the ball.  They spent their first pick on a safety, Griffin, then selected a running back Chris Henry and a wide receiver Paul Williams.  Many draft experts felt they should have helped Vince Young more including us.  20Yardline.com Draft Grade / C.
Vince Young Versus The Curse
Can Vince Young survive the season if his picture were on the cover of the newest inception of the ever-popular "Madden" football game?