Wide Receiver Heaven
Scary good.  That's what the receivers in Detroit are. With Halloween fast approaching, the Detroit Lions receiving corps could be a very scary costume.  Just ask any defensive back in the league which Lion they would like to defend against.  Do you choose to focus on All-Pro talent Roy Williams (29 catches for 424 yards including a 91 yarder already this year)? Or 2006 NFC leader in catches Mike Furrey (21 catches for 260 yards so far), who only a few years ago was playing defensive back for the St. Louis Rams?  Or maybe Shaun McDonald (25 catches for 287 yards and 3 scores already), this year’s sleeper who has taken the league by surprise? Certainly it won’t be Super Rookie Calvin Johnson (11 catches for 192 yards) whose talent and speed alone are enough to keep many defensive backs up all night with nightmares?

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Whoever the defense decides to key on, Jon Kitna has the potential to lead the fifth ranked pass offense and its many options while choosing from any of the fantastic wide outs, or the likes of running backs Kevin Jones (coming off the PUP list) and Tatum Bell.  The Lions are definitely a formidable bunch when they are looking to pass.  The depth they possess at wide receiver is the envy of almost every team in the league, and the Lions’ receivers are easily the best bunch of wide outs in the NFC North.  

With Roy Williams getting much of the attention on the field, talent like Mike Furrey’s has been ignored, leading to an outstanding season for him in 2006.  With Calvin Johnson learning Mike Martz intricate offense and Shaun McDonald flourishing, the Lions are ready to light up the scoreboard on every possession.  Though only ninth in the league in scoring with 23.4 pts per game, the Lions’ opponents will have to work hard to defend both the run and the pass. 
Look out NFL.  The Lions wide receivers are for real, they’re hungry, and they’re ready to prove it.

By T. Lloyd, 20Yardline.com
October 11, 2007