The Detroit Lions New Home

Sitting on an approximately 25 acres at 2000 Brush St in Detroit, Michigan is the 500 million dollar home of the Detroit Lions.  Ford Field was built to replace the Pontiac Silverdome as the Lions’ home, and it was completed 32 months after initial construction began. It takes up an estimated 1.85 million square feet with four levels of suites, a level for club seating, and a ground level that is comprised of retail, restaurants, and lots of concessions.

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This field brought the Detroit Lions back to play their home games in Detroit instead of the suburb of Pontiac. Though the Silverdome is home to many incredible memories, the Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals which the 49ers won, the new stadium was necessary. One of the most interesting stories illustrating this point is about a time when the Lions were stuck in traffic on the team bus, with the players complaining about being away from Detroit.

Ford Field has the fans and the team buses coming into Detroit instead of out of Detroit.  With a seating capacity of 65,000, including 8,500 club seats that provide upscale food service, private lounges, extra wide padded seats, and preferential parking, there is something for everybody. Hailed as the most state of the art stadium in the country, Ford Field provides incredible views of the game and more.  The southeast corner of the stadium boasts a seven story atrium which provides a picturesque view of downtown.

By T. Lloyd,
October 11, 2007