Griese or Grossman?
Number 14 in your scorecards but growing ever so much more closely to number one in the hearts of Bears fans everywhere is Brian Griese.  Griese has taken the reigns from the all too often sporadic passer Rex Grossman, who was often dubbed in the paper as "Wrecks" Grossman.  No such comical title has been placed on Griese's shoulder as of yet.  If number 14 keeps playing like the way he has, there will be no need for such a title, only for comparisons to Jim McMahon and his Super Bowl shuffling championship team of 1985.

In the past three weeks, Griese has thrown for 881 yards and 7 touchdowns,  better than any Bears quarterback since McMahon led the team to the Super Bowl.  The offense seems to rally around Brian, and wide receiver Bernard Berrian has said that there isn't really too much that Griese doesn't already know about the game.  Bears guard Ruben Brown credits much of the success to the veteran quarterback’s experience and his ability to see things for the team.  

Even in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings,  the current Bears starting quarterback has impressed the Bears faithful by connecting on nine passes of at least 25 yards, the most by any NFL quarterback in back-to-back games this season.  One of those passes was to the ever dangerous Devin Hester who raced downfield with it for a score of 81 yards.

Griese is the son of NFL great Bob Griese of the Miami Dolphins.  Bob played on the 1972 Dolphins, the only undefeated team in NFL history and Brian played on an undefeated team at the University of Michigan before coming to the NFL.  Together the father-son duo wrote a book titled "Undefeated" in 2000.  Brian Griese has played under the shadow of his father as well as John Elway during his time in Denver. He is now trying to separate himself from last year's Super Bowl losing quarterback Rex Grossman, and along the way causing fans to ask the question -  "Rex who?"

By T. Lloyd, 20
October 11, 2007