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Pro Football History 

First Black NFL Quarterback to Start
The Quarterback position is the most revered in sports. For many years, it was thought that a black man wasn't smart enough to play the position. That was a ridiculous thought by some and has been proven wrong by several black quarterbacks in the NFL. Today, the label "black quarterback" is starting to fade and they are finally being recognized as a "quarterback." Who is the First Black NFL quarterback to start an NFL game though?

Jim Brown Biography
Jim Brown was the greatest running back the NFL has ever seen. His size, strength, and speed as a combination were unmatched. Learn why Jim Brown is considered by many to be the greatest running back in NFL history.

Sammy Baugh Biography
Sammy Baugh won the triple crown in football, leading the NFL in passing, punting, and interceptions on defense in the same season. Learn more about his ProFootball Hall of Fame career.

Interested in Pro Football History?
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Otto Graham Biography
Otto Graham played 10 seasons in professional football, going to the championship game every year and winning seven championships between the AAFC and the NFL. Learn about the winningest quarterback in Pro Football History.

One year before Jackie Robinson broke the color line in major league baseball in 1947, four black players joined the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams to become the first African-American pro football players of the modern era.. In GRIDIRON GAUNTLET, twelve players who began their careers in the years after World War II reminisce about the opposition they faced on and off the field. 

“Vivid and fresh, this is a terrific addition to the secret history of sports we all need to know if we are to understand today’s players and games.” Robert Lipsyte, sportswriter, The New York Times

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Here are the top 5 NFL Throwback Jerseys representing some of the most popular living legends in Pro Football History.

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